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The Eaton Media Group (EMG) is a family-owned and operated production company based in Gaspereau, Nova Scotia. The idea behind what would become the Eaton Media Group was brainstormed by company founder Joshua Eaton in March of 2018, after he and his family returned from an extended vacation in Shanghai, China.

He would spend the next year working towards his goal of establishing EMG to secure the future of his company which officially launched in January of 2019 and set to update their first video in July of the same year.

“The past few years have not been easy, dealing with my disability (Keratoconus) which severely limits my vision has been a challenge. It’s not always easy to read, even with a large magnification glass or even focus on something for extended periods without getting a severe headache. With my wife attending off at University and both of the kids out at school & daycare, if gave me the free time to combine what I love with the flexibility of being able to work around my disability” – Joshua Eaton

Our Mission
Don’t work, have fun, learn and build upon what you learn. We aim to create content that our subscribers, listeners and readers will all enjoy. We aim to keep our content as diverse as possible while delivering a reasonable about of fun along with more serious topics and even a fair amount of educational content available. We want to lend our skills to help support other aspiring creators to realize their potential and build the Eaton Media Group into an international force for content creation.

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Meet the team

Joshua Eaton
Host & President
Aiwen Jiang
Host & Culture Expert
Geneva Eaton
Toys & Play Expert