The Eaton Media Group is proud to announce another addition to our lineup of podcasts. Mansplainers is scheduled to launch during the summer of 2019. Coming to you on a weekly basis, this podcast will present several topics for discussion dealing with that issue’s boys, men and fathers experience. Our aim is to provide men with the empowerment they need to reclaim their sense of self and manhood.

The world has become a dangerous place for men and the constant attacks from leftist media and feminists have caused great harm to our society. Men should be free to talk about the issues they face without needing permission from feminist groups or insulted & degraded for doing so. We want to provide a platform to raise men up, teach boys to be good men and help fathers fill the void that society ignores.

Join us every Sunday afternoon and become part of the discussion, help restore and bring back the virtues of Masculinity. Links to where to find the podcast will follow once we have settled how to structure distribution.