We are busy drafting scripts for all the upcoming shows that we have set to launch between now and the end of the year and we were supposed to launch Parliamentary Report at the end of June but the Prime Minister is not cooperating.

Many official news reports said that he would dissolve parliament in June when they are set to rise for the summer but this did not happen. Thankfully we have fixed election dates so we know it’s coming on October 21, whether he likes it or not.

We are conducting a lot of research to bring you information on all of the parties, so we will not complain too much about this delay. We did make an official cutoff of July 1 for any updates on party platforms as we think they have had enough time to prepare.

Our first episode is ready to go and will follow the official announcement of the election in a time slot that has yet to be decided. We are also working on a briefing about all 16 parties running in the election and they will air in addition to our normal weekly program.

Keep an eye out for the party briefings coming 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday). We will amend episode 1 with a notice as to when these episodes will start running.