The Eaton Media Group is proud to announce our latest planned addition to our lineup of podcasts, currently under development. State of the Union is scheduled to launch in the winter of 2019 or the spring of 2020, in time for the presidential election. Coming to you on a weekly basis, this podcast will take an in-depth look at the confusion that is politics in the United States.

The American political landscape has become quite a disaster over the past few years mainly after Trump got elected. Civil discourse has become a thing of the past and ad hominem attacks have become the new norm. Bad actors from both sides of the political spectrum have become more interested in activism and insulting each other than dealing with the issues that face all Americans. American politics has become a very complicated and dangerous place, which is why we created this program to give an outsider look as to what’s happening with our great neighbours to the south. Nothing is ever black or white when it comes to politics, its time to give the gray area a voice.

Join us every Friday afternoon for a weekly review of the status of politics in the United States and become part of the discussion. Links to where to find the podcast will follow once we have settled how to structure distribution.