This has been a busy week indeed. Over this past week, we here at EMG have made a large number of improvements to our website and social media accounts. We’ve updated designs, optimized graphics and streamlined our development process. We’ve also added or improved support for existing programs.

We’ve finally enabled support for several different types of cryptocurrency. Now that more and more online retailers are starting to support this new digital currency, we’ve decided it would be of great advantage for us to support it. We’ve enabled support for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, zCash and will look into adding support for other types depending on demand and usability.

We fully support the push of cryptocurrency but it has to have the flexibility to be used for something other than collecting. The ability to spend cryptocurrency has been a major roadblock and now it looks like something we can get behind. More retailers here in Canada are supporting it online and even some are supporting it for large purchases such as cars and housing.

If you would like to support us with cryptocurrency, jump over to our support us page to learn how.

Graphics & Design
If you’ve been following our progress over the past several weeks, you’ll notice that our website has changed dramatically. The previous theme did not give the appearance that we were looking for we simply changed it. We also updated the company logo on the site and across all social media platforms using better compress with Adobe Fireworks (Yes we know its old but it works).

This improvement in compression allows us to display better visual quality images and save on the backend from smaller file sizes, it also enables us to have better cross-compatibility and does not limit us to one software package. What this means for you is that you will have a better experience from the graphic enhancements but your experience will also be faster thanks to improved load times. For example, our title image for Parliamentary Report comes in at 1.5MB in the standard jpeg format but when designed with Adobe Fireworks, with “quality” set to 80%, the file size drops to 411KB.

Sure we do save on our end but you also save on yours. Smaller files mean you can load them faster and it won’t hurt your traffic allowance at home or on mobile. Data can be expensive here in Canada and for us rural Canadians, it is not only expensive but we’re not allowed to use very much.

We’ve also updated our site to cut down on ads and use a better looking graphic divider that you can see on this page. It adds more elegance to the site and js more pleasing to the eye.

Development Process
The biggest change is moving from Corel Photo-Paint to using the full Adobe Creative Cloud. We’ve been using Corel for a long time and it served us well but does not offer the streamlined process that the Adobe Creative Cloud does. We will continue to use CorelDraw and its just to hard to let go of.

Switching software platforms have really made our lives easier but also changing our script and social media post templates as helped as well. Before we would manually create and style each script/post which takes time. By switching over to a single style/format it saves us a lot of time and means we can put more efforting into making more amazing content and less time writing.