The Eaton Media Group is proud to announce another amazing addition to our podcast lineup. FrostTek Reviews is scheduled to launch over the next 2 weeks as soon as we complete testing of our first software package that was downloaded and installed today!

The goal of this podcast series is to act as a filter between the marketing nonsense from companies and consumers. We will offer a non-bias review of different software programs and types of hardware to help the consumers make better purchasing decisions. A lot of companies make wild claims and use marketing lingo that is often hard to understand for the average user.

This podcast will cover a wide array of content and will provide reviews for personal purchases (non-paid), sponsored reviews (free product) as well as paid advertising as long as the paid advertising will allow us to present the product in a non-bias fashion.

We have yet to make a decision as to the frequency of the release of new episodes. More information will follow as we wrap up testing and prepare to launch our first podcast.