Yesterday we announced that our first gaming series will launch on August 12th. We thought it would be a great time to explain how things have changed with regard to our gaming content. The different games will no longer be their own distinct podcast but will be integrated into one podcast called Played by Canadian Yeti, with each game representing a different series.

We are also revamping our studio to make production easier so we can now only produce more content but better quality content. We are going to be recording and publishing in 1080p but are looking into the ability to start producing in 4k as soon as possible.

Another major update to the series is that we’ve been able to get an official Japanese version of Super Mario 2, also known as The Lost Levels here in Canada. We are going to try and get it to work on our current hardware as we do not want to use the Mario All-Stars version of the game.

Our expert in Games & Play is going to be doing some voice-over work as well. She’s prepping her scripts and is very excited to start to publish on YouTube.

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