It turns out that running a non-modified or non-corrupt version of Super Mario Bros. 2 is going to harder than expected. A few different versions of the game have been tested and for some reason, they are either modified or corrupted in some form.

We tried a version of the game from a Japanese ROM but we are missing a Japanese version BIOS file for the emulator. We are trying to get this issue resolved but as of today, we don’t have any solution. We even have run into issues importing/editing images in Fireworks and get an error message informing us that those file types are not permitted due to security issues.

Seeing as how we do not want to run the newer version of Mario 2 and want to run the original before we run the North American release, we are going to skip Mario 2 until we can find a stable version of the original that works.

We have contacted a few new supporters that are from Japan and they are willing to help with this issue and since they are returning how in a few weeks, we hope to have the issues solved by the end of the month. Until then, we will proceed with production as normal.

Remember, our Mario series goes live on Monday!