Some major changes have accorded here at EMG over the past 48 hours. Our old (by a few months) workstation setup has been upgraded to use a DCI 4K monitor along with 2 of our pre-existing 1080p monitors.

Once we get all of the custom construction completed for our permanent studio (sometime next year) we will be building out a brand new workstation and upgraded from 1080p videos to full 4K UHD content.

Moving from 1080p to 4K UHD is quite a challenge. not only does it take a lot more processing horsepower but it consumes a vast amount more storage space. During our test, a 1080p video clip of 30 seconds is only 51MB or 5.98GB per hour. That same video clip at 4K UHD eats up 263.5MB or 30.9GB per hour. Keep in mind, this is our RAW uncompressed video and once it gets rendered and compressed the file sizes do get smaller. Storing all that footage requires a massive amount of storage space now to mention the power needed for editing.

After the footage is rendered and compressed, the files shrink in size to around 3GB per hour of 1080p video and 7GB per hour for 4K UHD. We will be uploading all of the compressed and rendered videos and will keep them storage permanently. the RAW video files, we will only be storing for 30 days.

A lot of people already know what 4K is but not everyone, including us, is or was familiar with what DCI 4K is. Here is some data that we pulled from Wikipedia

DCI Digital Cinema System Specification:
In 2005, Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), a prominent standards organization in the cinema industry, published the Digital Cinema System Specification. This specification establishes standardized 2K and 4K container formats for digital cinema production, with resolutions of 2048 × 1080 and 4096 × 2160 respectively. 


Basically, DCI 4K and DCI 2K are just a wider version of normal 4K and 2K. We won’t be making the jump to 8K anytime soon so please don’t ask.

Along with adding a DCI 4K display, we have also added a new green screen that has finally been configured and is working 100%. We had created several videos for our Mario series but today we are going to refilming and re-rendering all of them with our new green screen effects.

Don’t worry, we are working hard to make our release date on Monday!