The other day we had issues due to a large amount of rain but now it’s gotten even worse. We are without power, phone, internet and cell service at the studio so we won’t be able to get anything moving until we are able to turn things on.

According to Nova Scotia Power, we might be lucky to get out power services back this evening around 11 pm but it’s looking like we might not get anything until tomorrow at 11 pm.

Nova Scotia Power will not pick-up the phone so we can tell them about the issues with the lines.

Bell Aliant has run out of battery power for its phone network and cell towers along with everyone else. They are trying to keep things going with generators. Their landlines are down in our area with no ETA for restoration. We’ve tried calling but they don’t want to be told about more service outages.

Cell service is spotty because all the battery backups are running out and gas generators are being used to get the network back up and running.

Right now, we hope to have everything running on Wednesday or perhaps Thursday.