Eaton Media Group is proud to announce our return and the revamp of NES Quest. After some early success with our Mario series, we decided to step it up a notch. It was suggested that we bring in a lot more games and then one evening someone suggested “Why not just review all of them? How many games would that be?”. Well here is your answer! We have been putting a lot of work into updating the graphics, transitions and soundtrack for the Great Canadian Yeti channel over on YouTube.

Back in October 1985, Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to the North American market. A total of 716 known licensed game titles were released for the NES during its life span, 679 of these games released in North America (if you count Short Order and Eggsplode! as 2 separate games) plus 2 championship cartridges, with an additional 35 released in Europe or Australia.

From Canadian Yeti
“I’m not a pro-gamer; not a noob either. I’m just a guy who likes to game in his free time. I’m a long-term member of the PCMR, but sometimes I will slum it with the console peasants (Xbox & PlayStation). We do play games as a family on our Nintendo Switch. Here I plan on uploading plenty of videos from all the different platforms in my collection. I don’t have a preference for 1 game or 1 style of gaming, so be prepared for a wide variety.”

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