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Podcast intro videos are live!

We’ve gone and done the impossible! Well no, not really. While working hard on some improvements, we’ve also started to get some video clips produced for our upcoming podcasts. These video clips are simply the introduction videos for each podcast. We are fine-tuning things and getting the audio tracks correct and working on getting some raw videos recorded and scripted for both Parliamentary Report and Played By Canadian Yeti.

Please have a look at our videos uploaded below, and be sure to like and subscribe to help us on our path to growth.

The People’s Congress

State of the Union

Mr. Reality Check

Journey to the West


Played By: Canadian Yeti

Eaton University

Dollars & Cents

FrostTek Reviews

There you have it! All of our videos are now live for all of our upcoming podcasts. We still have some work to do in our studio and deal with the summer heat issue. We might be once we get out current Green screen issues solved, we will be able to get some a lot of work done. Our gaming podcasts will be coming within a few weeks.

Grammarly – It really is that good

Let me start with a story about how I became involved with Grammarly. For several months I’ve been working on this site along with my new family domain and several other projects. I try to get as much done during the day as possible but I don’t get enough time. I do get more time to work later in the evenings and quite often find myself going to sleep around 2:00 am. When your sleep-deprived, you make mistakes.

A few days ago, a good friend of mine and local authour was reviewing my site as I’ve been publishing a lot of updates and its starting to get noticed. Nick pointed out several grammatical and spelling errors. He offered to proofread my content and then suggested that I try out Grammarly as I generate so much content daily.

I downloaded Grammarly and started combing over all my posts and pages on my site and found a lot of very embarrassing errors. I’d use double words or even just forget a comma. Grammarly saved my bacon and saved me from looking like an idiot before I launched my company. Nick had hit the nail on the head and I decided it was time to give Grammarly a bigger test. Since they offer a plugin for Microsoft Office, I had to download it and give it a try.

Due to my disability (Keratoconus) I use a voice-to-text app on my phone to create the vast majority of my content. It’s not an easy thing to use as you need to speak clearly and need to speak your punctuation and it does make a fair amount of mistakes. For example, I was working on a summary for my novel, in only a single day I spoke some enough to fill some 67 pages and a total of 18,682 words.

Grammarly picked up an amazing 286 critical issues, most of which was due to the software program that I had been using. It also picked up 668 Advanced issues but right now, I’m not worried about them because its a summary meant for my eyes only.

The one thing I can’t stress enough is how much it helped me save face. It would have been embarrassing to start publishing something that’s riddled with mistakes. Not a good way to so the world how professional you are.

Not only do they offer a plugin for Microsoft Office, that covers Word and Outlook, but they also provide a mobile keyboard as well. I find the mobile keyboard works well for my Note 9 and when making comments online or posts to facebook it saves you from getting attacked by the Grammar Police.

I find the mobile keyboard to be “ok”, simply because I don’t use it a lot on the phone as its not easy for me personally to see the letters and I do have fat fingers.

If your someone who uses their mobile device, be it a tablet or cellphone almost exclusively, I’d highly recommend the mobile app to you. My wife is not a native speaker of English and she gave it a try on her phone. She loves it and it helped her see a lot of the simple mistakes that shes making and helped to improve her communications with friends and classmates.

Before I get down to the brass tax I wanted to cover the Chrome extension. Google Chrome is used by literally EVERYONE! I downloaded the extension so it would link all of my other accounts together and load the extension on all the computers I was logged into. It’s helpful when your using sites like Facebook or Twitter because it can check your mistakes live and the go and let you make the fixes as you type, just like the Office plugin.

I use WordPress to power this site and several other sites that I’m admin of and the plugin works flawlessly. I no longer need to worry about making sure I write a word document first and then upload, I can just fire off as much writing as I can speak or type.

Now that I’m done telling you about how great Grammarly is, let’s talk about the cost of the platform. For most users, the free version will be fine. If your a business owner like myself, a professional or perhaps even a student, you better consider upgrading to the premium version. Premium looks at all the other aspects of the written word and because its something you would use every day, it would technically be used as a tax writeoff.

The basic account is free, it is just about the most amazing thing on the face of the earth and the premium version is only $11.68 per month if you subscribe to a yearly plan.

If you want to give Grammarly a try, click the link below.

If you’re convinced and want to jump right to the premium service feel free to click our premium link.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave one and I’ll do my best to get back to you. If you like Grammarly, please share our affiliate links with your family and friends. The Eaton Media Group and I could use your support.

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