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Official Announcement – Lets Talk Anime

Eaton Media Group is pleased to announce a brand new podcast series coming to our YouTube channel, coming in the fall of 2019. Lets Talk Anime is a new series hosted by Joshua Eaton with his special co-host Geneva Eaton.

Anime is often misunderstood by pretty much everyone who has either never seen it or does not understand why “Adults watch cartoons”. This series will review and discuss many of the Anime series as broadcast by Crunchyroll and Funimation. Geneva will provide her commentary on what she likes about each series and which different series she would recommend people to watch. Joshua will provide the adult side of the review looking at deeper and more meaning issues covered in Anime as well as some other series that are NOT suitable for children.

More information on the schedule will be posted later this year as development progresses.


Official Announcement – Minecraft: Adventures in Story Mode

The Eaton Media Group is proud to announce another addition to our lineup of podcasts. Minecraft: Adventures in Story Mode is scheduled to launch during the summer of 2019 and will be covering Season 1 & 2 of Story Mode. Coming to you 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, this will be the first installment from the Canadian Yeti gaming side of the Eaton Media Group.

Minecraft is an extremely popular game with millions of downloads and players around the world. Story Mode changed the dynamic and has even saw a release on Netflix. Everything was going create until the studio that produces Story Mode shut down. To make the end of this great game/movie/story we are going to allow you to follow the Canadian Yeti on his journey through the game and listen to his commentary as to why he makes the game choice decision that he does.

More information on scheduling will be posted later this year as development progresses. Links to where to find the podcast will follow once we have settled how to structure distribution.