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Casting our net!

We are starting to get some great feedback from the first podcast for Mr. Reality Check. We also had a minor issue with recorded audio from Adobe Audition and uploaded an updated version of the podcast.

Google has finally approved our account as a publisher for Google Play Books, and the script for episode one is now live! Follow the links below to support the podcast on the platform of your choice.

Google Play Books

Amazon Canada

Amazon USA


Part of our marketing plan is to cast our net wide and far to make sure we can reach the maximum amount of listeners, readers, and viewers. As of April 8th, you can find our Mr. Reality Check podcast on the following platforms.



Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts

Pocket Casts



We are still waiting for the podcast to be listed on Castbox and Overcast. The process can take between 2-10 days once the first episode is published, there will not be any delay for future episodes.

As for the video version of the podcast, we are looking into many different sites and currently have them listed on



We have also taken the time to establish communities to provide unique and exclusive content for our supporters of the podcast.




We are looking into making a number of improvements over the next several days in preparation for the next upload of the Mr. Reality Check podcast. We are also looking at when we will be able to add a full video stream to the podcast as well.

Stay tuned for updates and make sure to join our new community. Some of the communities are still being updated so please be patient.

Mr. Reality Check: Episode 1

Welcome to Episode #1 of Mr. Reality Check, an intellectual dark web podcast on the EMG News YouTube Channel, a multitude of Podcasting services, Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Google Books. Don’t forget to check out our Locals.com community for exclusive content. Be sure to like and subscribe. Don’t forget to hit the notification icon if available to make sure you get notified when we upload new episodes.

I’m your host Joshua Eaton; tonight’s podcast is personal; it will lay the groundwork for future podcasts. Tonight’s episode is Out of the Darkness; Into the Light; I will talk about my political ideology and the experience that lead me to my very own #Walkaway moment.

Grab your snacks, and let’s get started!.

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Mr. Reality Check has Arrived!

With great honour, I, Joshua Eaton, president of the Eaton Media group and host of the Mr. Reality Check podcast, present to you, our loyal subscribers, listeners, readers and viewers, the first podcast here on EMG news.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Mr. Reality Check Podcast coming April 1st.

This series started a long time ago, or at least the concept of it did. The idea for this series began when I began my political Awakening. I branched out into a Facebook page called the Intellectual Dark Web that Facebook has restricted because they don’t like the open and free discussion of topics they disapprove of.

I have since made a separate page titled under the Mr. Reality Check banner and now share content on both pages hoping to reach a greater audience. This podcast was born out of necessity. We need to talk about these issues and these things we should be able to talk about, but we’re being told we’re not allowed.

This podcast will be available in audio format on numerous podcasting platforms, including Google Podcasts and iTunes. I will be providing those links as soon as we have them supplied by our distribution Partners. It takes between 2 to 6 days for a link to generate for the very first time.

A video version of this podcast will be uploaded to YouTube. However, the first several versions will not have an actual video feed as we are in the middle of a redesign regarding the studio. We hope to have a video version of the podcast uploaded at a later date, and if possible, we may re-record the audio podcasts with video as well.

Due to these podcasts’ sensitive nature, likely, they will never be monetized on the podcasting networks or YouTube. To deal with this issue, we have made our podcasts available on Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books and Google Play Books. Although Google Play Books currently have an issue with us being able to publish content, we hope to resolve it in the next 72 hours. You can find the links for Amazon and Kobo for the first episode link below.

Our first episode will be released on April 1st. Make sure you mark that in your calendar, and we hope to see you there for the premiere episode.

Studio Lighting upgrade!

Although we have taken a few days off from production, that does not mean we aren’t working hard on improving things. Lighting is always an issue when doing anything in the studio and making sure the green screen is properly lit can also be a challenge.

We had been running CFL blubs for a number of years as part of an energy conservation plan but switched over to LED bulbs 2 years ago. The biggest advantage of switching over to the CFL bulbs was the massive savings in energy costs, since we run the studio in our home, saving energy is very important.

Our entire house has around 37 bulbs in it, this is up from the 27 bulbs the house was designed for (added double fixtures) back in 1986. Several years ago, we were running 100w incandescent bulbs in all 27 fixtures. 2700w was our maximum usage if all lights were turned on. That’s a massive amount of electricity, costing at current rates, costing around $2.43 per day in lighting costs (6 hours per day usage).

We switched all the bulbs out for 14w CFLs which dropped our maximum usage to only 378w (saved 2322w). This reduced our maximum daily cost to an amazing $0.34. In order to improve our lighting and make living better, we added a few new fixtures and doubled some of the lights adding 10 more bulbs. This only rose our daily costs to $0.46 but vastly improved our quality of living. Going up 12 cents was not to bad as we had already saved $2 per day over the older bulbs.

Something that is quite costly was upgrading to LED bulbs but they last longer and Efficiency Nova Scotia does offer some rebates to offset the costs. We replaced all of our bulbs in the entire house with an 8w daylight LED from Philips (https://amzn.to/2PQ5U9Y). This lowered our daily usage from 518w maximum to 296w, which in turn lowered our total maximum daily cost to only $0.27.

It should be noted that because of the material and design of the home & studio we are using Daylight colour bulbs but if you want to check our the warmer colour versions, please click here. https://amzn.to/2Lh9iXa

Yesterday we purchased the lights above wish the attached Amazon link. These lights do increase energy consumption (8w to 15w) but they are only being used in the studio. The light output has climbed from 800 lumens to 1500 lumens, which makes a huge difference in the studio and backdrop lighting for the green screen.

We are going to get to test the new lighting setup today and hopefully will be able to finish the production of Super Mario Bros 3 World 8 for publication tomorrow. If we make any decision or improvements, we might postpone release and production until Monday the 9th. We do have a few more things planned.

Referrals: Public Mobile

Referral Code: PXY6OX or R8QVJW

Public Mobile Inc. is a Canadian self-serve, prepaid mobile brand which is owned by Telus. They are a mobile virtual network operator on the Telus Mobility network.

We made the decision some time ago to use Public Mobile as our main provider for our phone and mobile data services. Public Mobile offers us the price and flexibility to get the services we need without breaking the bank, plus they also offer the best referral system we’ve seen and that includes Lucky Mobile.

$1 per Friend – Your friends get a $10 credit on their first bill but you also get to collect $1 per month per friend as a credit to your bill as long as they are customers of Public Mobile. This is amazing because he allows you to shave your referral code and anyone who wants a cheap phone plan can use your code. From time to time they do offer promos for things. Earlier this year they ran a $25 promo in which not only did your friend get $25 but they also gave it to you as well.

$2 AutoOay – If you’ve got a credit card, sign up for autopay. You get $2 per month discount on your bill and if you’re on a 90day plan like we are, you get $6 off per bill ($2month x3).

$20 Helping Others – If your more technically inclined, this is a very good option as if you spend time in the community help forum, you can get up to $20 a month discounted of your bill. Got a $50 per month plan? Well, now it’s only $30 because you’ve helped people!

$1 Loyalty Pays – On top of everything else, for every month that your Public Mobile customer, after your first year, they will get you an extra $1 off. After year two, they will increase that amount to $2. This amount keeps growing all the way to $5 per month.

If you have the $50 plan, you can lower your plan to $28 per month just by using the AutoPay feature and helping out people in the community. Get some of your friends and or family to make the switch and than plan drops by $1 each, Now your $50 plan is sitting at $20 a month if you had 8 friends and family sign up.

So what is this $50 plan? Well, its the plan that we use on your mainline for EMG and its an amazing value. We are on the 90-day rotation so it’s $150 every 90 days. We get Unlimited calling across Canada, Unlimited International messaging, 6GB data plus 2GB bonus data per month (24GB total)

We did opt for the 3G data plan because it gave us higher amounts of data just it slows down to 3G speeds but still connects to the 4G/LTE network. Data is also pooled so if you use more or less data, its ok because your monthly allotment is pooled. If you need more data, you can buy more and the additional data is rolled over to the next billing cycle if unused.

To get started, your going to need to buy your own Public Mobile SIM card. We have attached some links to help you get started.

Walmart: https://www.walmart.ca/en/public-mobile/N-51051048

Public Mobile: https://store.publicmobile.ca/

Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/y29pwhaq

If you want more information on Public Mobile, feel free to check out their website


If you want to help us out, by helping us lower operational costs, feel free to use one of our referral links to activate your account.