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Official Announcement – Journey to the West

The Eaton Media Group is proud to announce another addition to our lineup of podcasts. Journey to the West is scheduled to launch during the fall of 2019. Coming to you on a bi-weekly, this podcast will delve into the difficulties of dealing with cultural differences in relationships and marriage as well as issues surrounding immigration, uncooperative governments and citizenship

Living a tightrope between 2 nations that have vastly different histories and cultures can be a real challenge. Adding a marriage into the mix can make things more complicated. Take into account having children, it can make things even more confusing on hard to deal with. We’ve been through it all and hope to shed some light on the issues that a mixed family might have. We try to keep a happy face but let’s be honest, sometimes it not an easy job and can generate a lot of conflicts, even over some very simple issues.

More information on the schedule will be posted later this year as development progresses. Links to where to find the podcast will follow once we have settled how to structure distribution.

Great Canadian Yeti & Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle Inc.

Greetings everyone, I’m pleased to announce that the Eaton Media Group has made a partnership with Humble Bundle Inc.

This partnership is being directed through our Great Canadian Yeti channel to bring you discounts on games, books and software wile supporting charity. We have chosen Child’s Play as or charity of choice and we hope that you will join us in supporting them.

We will be sharing a monthly code to join their monthly subscription program as well as all the new updated offers they provide to us with the partnership program. We will officially start sharing links on February 1st 2019 and will update the links as soon as new ones are provided for the latest offers.

February Monthly

To get you started, February Monthly currently has 5 days left for its early unlock so feel free to join at your convenience.

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