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The Power of AI

NVIDIA Broadcast (formally RTX Voice) is now available on other GeForce & Quadro cards. We are installing the latest updates now and are very excited to bring our video and podcast productions to you, using the power of AI. The following is directly from the official NVIDIA site.


The NVIDIA Broadcast app transforms your gaming space into a home studio. Take your live streams, voice chats, and video conference calls to the next level with AI-enhanced voice and video.

Noise Removal – Rise above the noise: Loud keyboard typing. Annoying microphone static. Bothersome PC fans. Noise Removal uses AI to eliminate unwanted background noise at the touch of a button.

Go live or attend a meeting remotely without worrying about finding a quiet place. Or mute players in loud environments, making them easier to understand. NVIDIA Broadcast makes it fast and easy.

Virtual Background – Setting the stage: Experience instant creative control at your fingertips. Background RemovalReplacement and Blur (beta) allow you to customize your background without the need for expensive equipment or complex lighting setups. Personalize your webcam feed using powerful AI greenscreen effects perfect for work and play, wherever you are. The possibilities are endless.

Auto Frame – Time to Shine: Lights, camera, app-tion. Dynamically track your movements in real-time with Auto Frame (beta), automatically cropping and zooming so you remain the star of the show — even as you move around.

Stream like a boss: Steal the show with incredible graphics and smooth, stutter-free live streaming. Next-generation hardware encoding and decoding combine to show off all your best moments in exquisite detail. And the all-new NVIDIA Broadcast app takes your livestreams to the next level with powerful AI capabilities to improve audio and video quality with effects like virtual background, webcam auto frame and microphone noise removal. GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs deliver the performance and image quality necessary to give your audience your best—every time.

If you like what you’ve read, check out this video from LinusTechTips over on their ShortCircuit

Podcast intro videos are live!

We’ve gone and done the impossible! Well no, not really. While working hard on some improvements, we’ve also started to get some video clips produced for our upcoming podcasts. These video clips are simply the introduction videos for each podcast. We are fine-tuning things and getting the audio tracks correct and working on getting some raw videos recorded and scripted for both Parliamentary Report and Played By Canadian Yeti.

Please have a look at our videos uploaded below, and be sure to like and subscribe to help us on our path to growth.

The People’s Congress

State of the Union

Mr. Reality Check

Journey to the West


Played By: Canadian Yeti

Eaton University

Dollars & Cents

FrostTek Reviews

There you have it! All of our videos are now live for all of our upcoming podcasts. We still have some work to do in our studio and deal with the summer heat issue. We might be once we get out current Green screen issues solved, we will be able to get some a lot of work done. Our gaming podcasts will be coming within a few weeks.

Notice: Compatibility Issues

We’ve been prepping to release a number of gaming-related content podcasts but we’ve run into some serious compatibility issues. We use professional use workstation-class hardware and it is capable of gaming but the driver support for gaming is just not where it needs to be. Aside from the driver issue, we also use a special display configuration to maximize productivity that “breaks” many games.

Display Configuration –
Most gaming systems use only 1 monitor where is it’s not uncommon for workstations to use 2, 3 or many more monitors. We’ve also seen 16 monitors used for gaming but that required some superpowered hardware and even special add-in cards to handle everything. If you want to check out a sweet system for gaming across 16 monitors, running at an eye-watering 16K resolution, check out the Linus Tech Tips video here:

Driver Issues –
Quadro is an amazing graphics card for workstations and has the utility to push our system to its limits. However, Nvidia offers 2 very different driver support paths, that in our experience has a very drastic effect on the performance, compatibility and utility of the system.

Optimal Driver for Enterprise (ODE) Most users select this choice for optimal stability and performance. It also offers ISV certification and long lifecycle support

Quadro New Feature Driver (QNF) Users occasionally select this choice for bug fixes, new features, new VR headset support or new Game Engine support. Support duration is shorter than ODE

Taking all of this into account, the latest ODE driver which we use, had its last update released on June 10th, 2019. We use this driver because it offers the best system stability and support for the workstation hardware/software that we use. It also supports our monitor configuration without any issues. It’s fully capable of gaming and does work very well, pushing out extremely high frame rates but does not support a lot of the dedicated gaming features and even breaks some games.

Now if we look at the QNF driver, that’s a whole nother story. For some reason that we are unaware of, Nvidia just not develope their “New Feature Driver” as often as needed. The last update for the QNF driver was released on November 13th, 2018 with an update to support the new Quadro RTX product line.

Our current card the Nvidia Quadro P5000 runs games on par with the Nvidia GeForce 1080 and only slightly slower than the Nvidia GeForce 1080Ti. It offers 16GB on on-board memory, a huge jump over the 8GB on the 1080 and even a large jump over the 11GB on the 1080Ti.

Having 16GB of onboard memory is great for games like Gears of War 4 that in 4K with 4K textures enabled requires a minimum of 6GB texture memory alone.

We are currently designing a new gaming only system and a new higher-powered desktop workstation so we can lighten the load on our mobile workstation and crank out better content. If you would link to help out, check our Support Us page to find out how.