We produce a wide variety of content that’s published on many different platforms/channels. Since we are a non-traditional media production company, we rely on digital distribution by companies like Youtube, Locals, Facebook, Spotify & Twitter.

Due to our reliance or 3rd party distribution we need to take steps to avoid any potential issues that may cause our content to be restricted, deleted or demonetized. This not only allows us to keep our content safe but also enables us to publish as much variety as possible to draw in the largest audience possible.

Below you will find a list of our current channels. Feel free to give them a click to find out more.

CanadianYeti Gaming
Formally our main Eaton Media Group channel on YouTube. Rebranded to CanadianYeti Gaming

EMG News
Looking for local Canadian News? How about current global affairs? You can find everything News & Politics

EMG Kids

The Eaton’s