We produce a lot of content that covers a wide range of topics. All of our current podcasts are listed below.

**Due to COVID-19 a number of projects have been delayed to 2021.
*** Due to the political instability in Canada & USA a number of projects have been delayed to 2021

Dollars & Cents – Delayed until 2021
You’d be surprised how much money the average family wastes in the run of a month, you’d be surprised just how much you can save by making a few life changes. Learn how to manage your cash flow and account for where all your money is going. Learn how to maximize your returns on investments, while minimizing your exposer to taxes.

Journey to the West – Delayed until 2022
Living a tightrope between 2 nations that have vastly different histories and cultures can be a real challenge. Adding a marriage into the mix can make things more complicated. Take into account having children, it can make things even more confusing on hard to deal with. We’ve been through it all and hope to shed some light on the issues that a mixed family might have. We try to keep a happy face but let’s be honest, sometimes it not an easy job and can generate a lot of conflicts, even over some very simple issues.

Lets Talk Anime – Delayed until 2021

Mansplainers – Delayed until 2021
The world has become a dangerous place for men and the constant attacks from leftist media and feminists have caused great harm to our society. Men should be free to talk about the issues they face without needing permission from feminist groups or insulted & degraded for doing so. We want to provide a platform to raise men up, teach boys to be good men and help fathers fill the void that society ignores.

Mr. Reality Check – Delayed until 2021
We strongly support the fundamental freedoms of all Canadians to be able to enjoy the freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication. We openly reject censorship under the guise of political correctness in all forms. Canadians should be able to ask questions and freely debate topics, without being suppressed, de-platformed or suffer threats of physical harm and violence for having “inconvenient” opinions. Different topics will be presented along with a critical analysis by either the Host, Guest Host or a full discussion panel.

Parliamentary Report – Delayed until 2021
We believe that our political leaders need to be held accountable for their actions and words. Being critical of one’s political leaders is a small but important step in ensuring a strong democracy in this country. Over the past few years, the domestic media has become complacent and interlocally lazy, their journalistic standards have deteriorated into nothing more than clickbait. We see this as a vast disservice to Canadians, as the traditional media have become political activists, rather than reporting the facts and raising questions so the Canadian public can decide for themselves.

People’s Congress – Delayed until 2021
It’s our hope that this new perspective will help Canadians understand the very complicated relationship our nation has with China. Due to the nature of Chinese government censorship, we will present both the official party line along with the views of the Chinese public when possible. Our aim is to demystify the inner workings of China in hopes to dispel misunderstandings people have when talking about China. We also believe that China has been given a free pass for long enough in domestic media and by our political leaders and its time to hold them to account for their actions.

State of the Union – Delayed until 2021
The American political landscape has become quite a disaster over the past few years mainly after Trump got elected. Civil discourse has become a thing of the past and ad hominem attacks have become the new norm. Bad actors from both sides of the political spectrum have become more interested in activism and insulting each other than dealing with the issues that face all Americans. American politics has become a very complicated and dangerous place, which is why we created this program to give an outsider look as to what’s happening with our great neighbours to the south. Nothing is ever black or white when it comes to politics, its time to give the gray area a voice.

Played by: Canadian Yeti –
Even the PC Master Race has to play with the console presents sometimes. Join the Canadian Yeti on his epic journey along with his daughter Yang Wawa, as they explore many of the most famous titles in gaming history.

Canadian Yeti is not an expert gamer, he games for the love of the game and for the story. Follow along and listen to his commentary as he battles his way through games like Super Mario and Gears of War. Remember the old classics with many stopovers with retro games and enjoy sneak peeks of upcoming games in closed beta