Why we need your support
The primary goal for funding is to keep us fully independent & fan-funded. We want to avoid government subsidies or corporate funding which often comes with strings attached. Here in Canada, a lot of Government support programs are starting to come with compelled speech requirements, that aim to limit freedom of speech & diversity of thought. Most corporate funding comes with the implicit bias based on the motivation of the company providing the funding.

We will not reject sponsored materiel but we will be transparent about the sponsorship. The same rule follows for product reviews. If we have paid for a product with our own funds, we will inform the viewers just as we will inform them in the product to be reviewed was supplied by the manufacturer.

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How to support us
Support can come in many different forms. The easiest way to help support us to is “subscribe” to our channels on YouTube and make sure you click on the bell icon. Another easy way to lend us a helping hand is to join us on social media and “like” our pages and join in the discussions. Don’t forget to click “share” on all of the content that you enjoy!

This PayPal option gives you the ability to contribute between 3 specific amounts or another amount that’s up to your discretion. You can make a one-time contribution or make recurring contributions on a monthly basis. You also have the ability to select which of our channels you wish to support or if you want to support or support all of them as a collective.

Other Methods
We are looking into other methods of support including cryptocurrency but we need to work out all the extra details and get accounts set up first.

Cryptocurrency – make a donation in the various amounts of digital cryptocurrencies that we support.

Snail Mail – In case you want to send us something cool like an old game cartridge, a vintage video card or any other physical items. Due to the remote location of our office/studio, we don’t accept mail or packages at our physical address but do maintain a PO Box at the main branch of the local post office.

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