Bitcoins, bitcoins everywhere! Although we do offer other forms of traditional support methods, both monetary and non-monetary, these methods can be taken away by forces beyond our control for completely subjective reasons that are directly related to the contented we publish or possibly have nothing to do with us what so ever.

The most disturbing example of this happening was an incident in 2018, involving Sargon of Akkad and Patreon. The incident even caused SubscribeStar to be attacked, which resulted in innocent & unrelated creators like SexyCyborg to have their incomes completely taken away for the crime of “existing on the same payment network”.

We are always looking into support and which currencies should be supported. We may add support for more types of currency, including types of in-game currencies but that has yet to be decided.

To make a donation, simply scan the corresponding QR codes below or input the wallet address provided. Please note that if you send currency to the wrong wallet it will be lost forever and is not recoverable

Bitcoin: 38D5Nx79Mmg7oGraMcDsNk5No5YMbQQD7R
Ethereum: 0x7C87518ea81cA92496FE6348e01039707E6C3722
Litecoin: MUkpyCzneJ2G6HzGWNEsKWsGke7KXjxk3y
zCash: t1f5fJbk81HxPEhh4W7H8PQ6YckoHUCV7iF