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Studio Lighting upgrade!

Although we have taken a few days off from production, that does not mean we aren’t working hard on improving things. Lighting is always an issue when doing anything in the studio and making sure the green screen is properly lit can also be a challenge.

We had been running CFL blubs for a number of years as part of an energy conservation plan but switched over to LED bulbs 2 years ago. The biggest advantage of switching over to the CFL bulbs was the massive savings in energy costs, since we run the studio in our home, saving energy is very important.

Our entire house has around 37 bulbs in it, this is up from the 27 bulbs the house was designed for (added double fixtures) back in 1986. Several years ago, we were running 100w incandescent bulbs in all 27 fixtures. 2700w was our maximum usage if all lights were turned on. That’s a massive amount of electricity, costing at current rates, costing around $2.43 per day in lighting costs (6 hours per day usage).

We switched all the bulbs out for 14w CFLs which dropped our maximum usage to only 378w (saved 2322w). This reduced our maximum daily cost to an amazing $0.34. In order to improve our lighting and make living better, we added a few new fixtures and doubled some of the lights adding 10 more bulbs. This only rose our daily costs to $0.46 but vastly improved our quality of living. Going up 12 cents was not to bad as we had already saved $2 per day over the older bulbs.

Something that is quite costly was upgrading to LED bulbs but they last longer and Efficiency Nova Scotia does offer some rebates to offset the costs. We replaced all of our bulbs in the entire house with an 8w daylight LED from Philips (https://amzn.to/2PQ5U9Y). This lowered our daily usage from 518w maximum to 296w, which in turn lowered our total maximum daily cost to only $0.27.

It should be noted that because of the material and design of the home & studio we are using Daylight colour bulbs but if you want to check our the warmer colour versions, please click here. https://amzn.to/2Lh9iXa

Yesterday we purchased the lights above wish the attached Amazon link. These lights do increase energy consumption (8w to 15w) but they are only being used in the studio. The light output has climbed from 800 lumens to 1500 lumens, which makes a huge difference in the studio and backdrop lighting for the green screen.

We are going to get to test the new lighting setup today and hopefully will be able to finish the production of Super Mario Bros 3 World 8 for publication tomorrow. If we make any decision or improvements, we might postpone release and production until Monday the 9th. We do have a few more things planned.

Release Delays, Back to School

This past long weekend (including today) has been a very busy time for everyone and this week is even more intense because it’s “Back to School” season.

Saturday our expert in Toys & Play was in attendance at the Cirque du Soleil Crystal event in Halifax, with her Grandmother and younger brother. On Sunday, the dynamic duo of brother and sister spent the entire day at Oaklawn Farm Zoo.

Today here at EMG we are enjoying the last holiday before everyone goes back to school so we have suspended production and decided to delay our upcoming releases until Thursday, September 5th since everyone will officially be back to school/university/daycare by then.

We will be releasing Super Mario Bros 3 – World 8 on the 5th as a special weekend treat, Super Mario 2 (Japanese) – Worlds 1 through 4 on Friday the 6th. We hope to be rolling out NES Quest, next week as well and will be working on upcoming releases for our new project EMG News on a new channel that we are currently working on.

One final note, since it is back to school season, please remember to drive carefully and please slow down in school zones. As a reminder, if the local speed limit is 50kph, the school zone is reduced to 30kph. If the local speed limit is 80kph, the school zone is reduced to 50kph. Always remember that its illegal to pass a school bus when its flashing red lights are on.

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